As young Africans we take fair trade matters into our own hands. We develop innovative and authentic concepts for a WOKE GENERATION!

purple tea

- Sometimes the world is graced with new discoveries. Our purple tea is like no other . Prepare your tea cup for the most exciting flavours whilst boosting your health with its many antioxidants. -


- Kenya coffee is well known amongst connoisseurs and fetches the highest prices on the world coffee market. Our fresh roasted  kenyan based coffee blends  are refined yet fully bodied with fine acid. -

online seminar

Filming picking good coffee in our coffee garden in Kenya. My cousin behind the camera. Us beeing fair and authentic with our webinars!


A kenyan global initiative against the norm.

We trade in Tea and Coffee as tools of communicating the world of tomorrow. In order to lift our people out of poverty we continuously  create  genuin revolutionary concepts for a woke coffee and tea generation in order to improve the life of those who we have to thank most, the small scale farmer. You know the one who puts endless hours of labour of meager wage for your cup to be enjoyed!  Sometimes it´s not easy but we will endure no matter how hard it is, no matter how long it takes to visualise every aspect, because we want to do our bit for good things.

how  we can  improve  and  reshape  the  world  with  "forms!We!find!"  our  NGO  in  kenya  helping  economic  sustainable  projects


We created a work lap called FORM!SWE!FIND! to tackle issues such as climate change, poverty and migration. Beyond beeing a - think tank  - it also serves as an organisation in Kenya that collects income made from our online seminars and distributes resources to various projects. Imagine a cloud that rains and several projects grow like grass and flowers.  For this reason I came up with a scetch that shows the universe of  our philosophy.

interessiert dich die Bohne?





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